Please join us for the Connection Festival. Are you wanting to find a deeper inner peace and inspired connections with others? This Festival is an opportunity for us to spend two days with each other in beautiful nature, decompress, celebrate, and find more nourishing ways of living.

We have disconnected from each other and from ourselves by living in a world that hasn’t been conducive for us to fully be ourselves. It’s time to reclaim our inner truth. This festival is for people who want to live in a different way, who want to form authentic bonds with each other, and want to slow down enough so they can hear their own heart and the wisdom of their body.

Connect Deeply With Community

A new type of festival

This is an intentional event that can amplify what our personal intentions are and can speed up the process of our creation. Come and connect on all levels.

Explore Authentic Communication

Authentic Relating

There will be workshops and classes to facilitate insights and awakenings. The primary structure of the festival will be based on authentic relating (AR). Authentic relating is a container for people that allows them to feel more able speak what is true for them, look deeper within,  to see others as they are and be seen for who they are, uncover their blindspots, learn how to navigate conflict with more ease, and find ways to live from the potent place of their heart.

Unplug and Unwind in Nature

During the weekend you will have the opportunity to play games with others and lean into your age, be present, relax and have fun, let go and open up, and be inspired toward a new way of living.

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Dance it out

Eat Smores by the Fire

Experience Sunsets and Sunrises

Sink Deeper into the Beauty of Life

Workshops will Include


Flow yoga


Qi Gong

sister circle

Ecstatic dance

Embodied spirituality exploration




Creativity exploration

Presence Based Photography

Conscious business

Morning meditation

Walking/nature meditation.

Singing circle

Saturday evening you’re invited to a community potluck dinner and a concert featuring a number of amazing local musicians


September 15-16

Ronora lodge, Watervliet, MI

There will be various lodging options available.

Food is not included but Saturday we will have a community sourced dinner.

Camping spaces are limited. Please arrive early for the best options.

Bring bathing suits for swimming in the lake.

Scholarships and volunteer opportunities available. Please write Rossi at for more info.

See you there! 🙂